Buying Property in TURKEY

Buying Property in TURKEY

Turkey has become incredibly popular for foreign property buyers since 1995, which is the date, foreigners were legally allowed to buy a property in Turkey.

Turkey has been a popular holiday destination since 1986 over 55 million tourists expected to have a holiday in Turkey this year.

Our company built and sold over 1800 hundred property to mainly British and European has bought property from our company. Didim and surrounding resorts where we built has over 12.000 foreign homeowners with a big community of holiday home owners and expats enjoying their new lifestyles. Not only does the country have a rich, ancient, and interesting history with an impressive and attractive cultural heritage, property investors are attracted by the beautiful weather, stunning coastlines, colourful waters and unspoilt locations. It is also much easier and cost-effective to buy a home in Turkey than it is in many other European countries.

Where can I buy property in Turkey?

Property Purchase Procedure
Once you have found your ideal property, we will prepare a pre-sales contract with you detailing the agreed terms and conditions of the purchase.

Connection Fees, Tax, and Insurance
Once you have the keys to your new holiday home, you will need to pay one-off connection fees for utilities such as electric, gas, and water. You will also be required to purchase compulsory earthquake insurance.

 What are the costs of buying property in Turkey?
The following illustrates the one-off costs of purchasing property in Turkey. The figures noted here are representative of a property sale of £100,000. All figures are quoted in GBP.

The annual running cost of a property as well as buying a property in Turkey is a lot lower than in European countries. This is another reason that Turkey is a popular choice for foreign buyers for a holiday and retirement homes. The below figures are approximate only and will differ slightly according to the type of property and where it is located. All the prices are in Euro

You can stay 90 days in Turkey with your normal Tourist Visa, If you are thinking of staying in longer periods please find some information on some alternative permits. It might look complicated, however, We can guide you to companies can organise this for you for a small fee’s